Who benefits from a driving evaluation?

StrokeParkinson’s DiseaseMultiple SclerosisTraumatic Brain Injury
DementiaAlzheimer’sAmputationsSpinal Cord Injury
Recently discharged from home health servicesPeripheral neuropathyConcussionArthritis
Visual ImpairmentsVisual field cutsMacular DegenerationBlindess in one eye
AutismLearning DisabilitiesCerebral PalsyADHD

What to expect from a driving evaluation

  • I travel to the client’s home, meet with the client and their support system. I perform an interview, testing of vision/reaction time/cognitive processing/physical abilities.
  • Then I take people out in my vehicle, which is equipped with an instructor’s brake. The client drives to the places they commonly drive for about 45 minutes to and hour.
  • After we return home, we go over my evaluation and recommendations. The goal is to drive safely as long as possible.
  • If adaptive equipment is needed to drive, the client will be testing this out during the evaluation. Most people need more training and practice prior to installing it in their vehicles.

I have helped hundreds of people return to driving.  I look forward to working with you!