I get asked these common questions on the phone:


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•   I travel to the client’s home, meet with the client and their support system.  I perform an interview, testing of vision/reaction time/cognitive processing/physical abilities.

•   The driving evaluation is conducted in my vehicle, which is equipped with an instructor’s brake.  The client drives to the places they commonly drive for about 45 minutes to and hour.

•   After we return home,  we go over my evaluation and recommendations.  The goal is to drive safely as long as possible.

•   If you need adaptive equipment to drive, you will be trying the equipment during the evaluation.  I have various types of devices, so you can feel which works best for you.  Most people need more training and practice prior to installing it in their vehicles.

•   Only if it is through Workman’s Comp or Vocational Rehab

•   Workman’s Comp and Vocational Rehab usually cover the evaluation, training and adaptive equipment.  If you are planning on returning to work, you may want to contact Vocational Rehab to see if you can work with them.  Tell them that your goal is to return to work and you will need to be able to drive in order to work.  Check out their website: http://www.maine.gov/rehab/dvr/

•   Otherwise, it is private pay.  The evaluation is $450 plus a travel fee of .54/mile round trip from my house in Brunswick to yours.  If you travel to Brunswick, there is no travel fee.

•   The evaluation typically lasts 3.5 hours

•  It all depends on the recommendations I make following the entire evaluation.

•  People who are learning to use adaptive equipment often require lessons so that they can be proficient and coordinated while driving in traffic.

•  It is important that you are safe and able to adequately use the adaptive equipment prior to getting it installed in your vehicle.  The vendor will require that you have had an evaluation and training prior to installing it in your vehicle.

•   If a person demonstrates impairments with testing and driving abilities, I will honestly communicate this.  I communicate with the client, their family, the physician and the BMV regarding my findings.

•   Some people are required to take a road test with the BMV.  To learn if you may fall into that category, click on this link, which has a list of the medical conditions requiring you to report your condition http://www.maine.gov/sos/bmv/licenses/medical.html

•   I discuss with you and the physician if a road test is necessary following my evaluation.

•   If a road test is required, you will be ready to pass with flying colors by the time you finish working with me.  So far, almost all of the clients I have worked with have passed their driving test the first time!!!