Helping people drive safer, longer

So that they can stay connected to the people and places they love.

I’m Heather Shields, an experienced occupational therapist, driving instructor and certified driving rehab specialist.
I have helped hundreds of people regain their ability to drive following an acute or chronic medical event, such as a stroke, traumatic brain injury, concussion, spinal cord injury, leg amputation, peripheral neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, dementia.

I also evaluate students with special needs to ensure they have the skills required to take driver’s ed.

I work with clients, their family and the healthcare team(physicians, therapists, case managers, social workers) to determine when someone is ready to return to driving. When the client is ready, I help them to regain their independence.

I believe we should talk about driving.

There are so many options out there so that people can remain connected to the people and places the love!
I am able to collaborate with the client, their family and the health care team so that people can remain driving safely as long as possible!


What is driving rehabilitation?

Driving Rehabilitation combines my skills as an OT and driving instructor.

During the driving evaluation, I am looking at how someone’s medical condition is affecting them, sometimes permanently, sometimes temporary.

AND how could that affect someone’s ability to drive.

There is a whole gamut of adaptive equipment available when someone’s medical condition has caused a decline in physical abilities.

The driving evaluation is a process where I investigate and problem solve together with the client, family and healthcare team to find a solution that allows the client a way to drive safely as long as possible.

Sometimes this is NOT an option and people need to retire from driving. This is tough on everyone. I work together with the client and family to find a list of transportation alternatives. It is possible to stay connected, even when it is time to retire from driving.


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