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“We are grateful for you expertise and consultation! Thank you for the report. The transition has been extremely smooth and peaceful and we have you to thank for guiding us and helping us to accomplish this.” -Nancy

“Heather, your support and guidance was truly amazing. Having your professional assessment was a gift to our family. The process you used was tailored to Mom’s needs—her Intellect, cognition and emotional state were clearly considered. I loved the way Mom was led through to the point where she felt it was her decision to stop the driving.” -Margy

“Heather was so helpful to us. She understands Parkinson’s Disease, and can explain what is going on with respect to driving skills in everyday terms. She was calm and patient during the driving assessment, as well as in teaching sessions. She broke down the important safety factors so that we could review them during our own practice driving. A very worthwhile investment!” -Ann L.

“The testing that Heather Shields did to evaluate my 94 year old father’s ability to continue to drive was outstanding. She is well qualified, professional and compassionate. This testing should be mandatory for every driver over 85, no exceptions. Call her now if a member of your family is over 85 and still driving.” –Pamela White, US Ambassador (ret).

“The access component of what you offer, convenience for patients is a big factor. Additionally, I know I will get a thorough eval from you and I love the communication after the fact that helps me have critical conversations to ensure patient outcomes. Keep up the great work.” -Portland, Maine Physician

“Your website covered a lot of what I was looking for regarding a driving evaluation for my mother. The idea that Heather understood dementia and how it might impact one’s driving skills, could come to my mother’s house given that she’s comfortable there, would give us ideas on what to look for regarding her driving skills or lack of were all reasons we decided to use your services. Also, your short videos did a nice job of allowing others to speak to what they had gotten out of your service and again, it was what I was looking for regarding my mother. Then, when I spoke to Heather on the phone and you reiterated what you could do, I just felt you had the skills that we were looking for to assess our mother’s situation.” -Family member of client

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your services with my mom. My mom is in that part of her life where driving probably shouldn’t be happening. It has taken several months of seeing her primary doctor and a neurologist to get to the point where we were introduced to Heather. I think my mom knew there was an issue with her memory but wasn’t totally convinced she shouldn’t be driving. She knew that even though this was a cost to her, she needed to know for sure. We learned so much from your evaluation you did at her home with her family and I now understand more of what is going on with my mom. I know it wasn’t easy for my mom to make the decision to stop driving but I do believe it was in her best interest and I think now she can move on to enjoy her life without this stress over her. Thank you again for your kind and caring matter in how you handled my mom.” -Terry, family member of client

“Driving with Heather helped me a lot to regain my confidence on the road. Also, I would not have been able to do it without my wife’s support and patience.” – Anonymous

“Heather helped us so much. It was great!” – Anonymous

“Thank you for helping us. You have been marvelous. I’m glad you were able to speak to the doctor because you understand it so much better. Thank you so much!” – Anonymous

“You are a lifeline. You are doing something to help the community.” – Anonymous

“Thank you! I really appreciate the way you have handled my mother and the way you have kept me informed. You’re very good at your job! Please feel free to share this with your boss!” – Anonymous

“Thank you so much for doing all of this in such a timely manner! My family cannot thank you enough for your expertise and the way you went about the assessment of our Dad. You were very thorough, you listened so well to him and then you conveyed your findings with us in such a professional way. We were just so impressed with Heather. We will be more than willing to recommend you to anyone faced with a similar situation. We had a wonderful experience with you.” – Anonymous

“Heather’s professionalism, expertise, and kind approach allowed our family to tackle the difficult issue of whether an elder parent should be driving. Using a clear and information-based approach, we got the information we needed to make the right decision, and all done in a reasonable time-frame. Thanks very much!” – Anonymous

“All testimonials are glowing; however may I say that if you want a seamless experience, Heather Shields is the person for you. Life’s changes can be daunting, especially when it comes to driving. Heather is competent to meet all your needs from start to finish in a caring, creative way.” -Janet D. Brand

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Heather Shields as she evaluated my 83 year old mother’s driving skills. Heather was compassionate and patient during the process, which is no small feat! Heather was excellent in communicating with me during the process. I was impressed and grateful with the amount of time she spent with me on the phone. She was quick in returning correspondence, phone, text and email. Highly recommend!” – Anonymous