What you will learn in this video:


  • People that have had above the knee amputations are safer with hand controls, learn why they have better control with their hands than their feet.
  • People that have Multiple Sclerosis may have weakness on one side of their body due to the MS.  If they have use of both hands, they can benefit from hand controls
  • People that have had strokes, really depends on how much they have recovered.  They have to have enough strength in their arms.  This is why I do the driving evaluation to determine what adaptive equipment works for them.
  • People with Muscular Dystrophy commonly loose strength in their legs, but have full use of their arms.
  • SCI’s, they need to be able to transfer into my vehicle in order to learn how to drive with adaptive equipment. Hand Controls are an excellent option for them.
  • Hand controls take some practice and coordination.  Most people don’t get it on the first try.  Some do, but most don’t.  I work with people until they can drive in my vehicle with the hand controls in busy traffic before I release them to get the hand controls installed in their vehicle.
  • When people get equipment installed in their vehicle, they will have to take a BMV state road test and will be restricted to this adaptive equipment.  If the person improves, this restriction can be removed, but they will have to be retested without the adaptive equipment.  Don’t worry!! They will be able to pass the test after performing training with me!!