I graduated from University of New England in 1997 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Occupational Therapy.  I have worked in all areas of rehab, including brain injury rehab at River Ridge in Kennebunk, Maine, large hospitals in California, acute care, acute rehab, SNFs and long term care all over the country, early intervention, outpatient services and now my private practice.  I am passionate about neuro-rehab.  I have certifications and specialty training in the field of neuro-rehab, vision and perception, and driving rehab.    

I UNDERSTAND WHERE PEOPLE ARE COMING FROM.  Each phase of rehab is different.  During every phase, people tell me that their main goal is to drive again.  

I am passionate about teaching other therapists how they can maximize their therapy sessions. Prior to starting my private practice, I worked in an outpatient setting, focused mostly on clients  who had strokes, neurological disorders, spinal cord injuries.  I prepared clients for months to return to driving.  I learned a lot on that job, and I want to share that with you! 

Now, I am teaching clients how to drive!  Once a person has been discharged from therapies, I help people get their freedom back.  

I have been blessed to collaborate with so many people.  This is my way of making a difference in the world!