Sitting too close
We’ve all witnessed the stereotype of a driver squeezed up against the steering wheel when driving. Often, this is a senior driver hugging the wheel as they can no longer manipulate the car the way they used to, and they may not even realize they’re doing this.

Aging is inevitable. It happens to everyone at different rates and impacts individuals differently. These helpful tips from Pathways Driving Rehabilitation Services will make sure all drivers are riding in comfort and safety.

What to look for

Just like the ergonomics of sitting properly at a desk, the proper positioning and alignment in a car is key for comfort and safety of the driver.  Carfit safety checks look for:

  • A seat belt that holds the driver in the proper position and remains comfortable while driving.
  • The tilt of the steering wheel and position of the airbag.Image result for senior driver too close to wheel
  • Plenty of room (at least 10 inches) between the chest and the airbag housed in the steering wheel.
  • A properly adjusted head restraint.
  • A clear line of sight above the steering wheel and dash.
  • Easy access to gas and brake pedals.
  • Properly adjusted mirrors.
  • Ability to see around the vehicle by reducing the driver’s blind spots.
  • The ability to turn the vehicle’s ignition key with ease or operate an ignition system.
  • Easy operation of vehicle controls including turn signals, headlights, emergency flashers, windshield wipers, and the parking brake, among others.

Need help? A screening with Pathways Rehabilitation Services can also help address any concerns and tailor solutions to each driver.

Time for a Driver Check-up?

We all try to take good care of our health with check-ups, eating-well and exercising the best we can.  Before a long car trip, we make get the car’s oil changed, rotate tires and check with a mechanic to make sure the car is in its best road-worthy state.  Many of us drive every day, so as we and our clients age it’s important to give ourselves a check to ensure a safe ride.

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