Can a person with Alzheimer’s still drive?

If you care for someone with Alzheimer’s Disease, you may have concerns about their independence and safety, especially as it relates to driving.  Unfortunately, at some point, inevitably drivers with Alzheimer’s will find a day when it is no longer safe for them to drive.  Below we outline warning signs to watch for, but with a professional driving assessment such as those offered at Pathways Driving Rehabilitation Services, adaptations to the vehicle and a personalized driving plan can help extend the time an Alzheimer’s patient can safely drive.

What are the signs?

It can be difficult to determine if a driver is no longer safe to drive.  With close observation, the following can be ways to help make the determination if the driver needs to be tested by a professional:

  • Forgetting how to locate familiar places
  • Failing to observe traffic signs
  • Making slow or poor decisions in traffic
  • Driving at an inappropriate speed
  • Becoming angry or confused while drivingImage result for driving with alzheimer's
  • Hitting curbs
  • Using poor lane control
  • Making errors at intersections
  • Confusing the brake and gas pedals
  • Returning from a routine drive later than usual
  • Forgetting the destination you are driving to during the trip

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