Adapting with Age

In the coming years, older drivers will be on the roads, driving more miles per year, and at older ages than previous generations. For these drivers maintaining safe driving skills for as long as possible requires them to:

  • Learn about new traffic laws and rules of the road
  • Maintain proper following distance
  • Change lanes and make turns safely and smoothly
  • Enter and exit freeways appropriately
  • Pay attention to dangerous “blind spots”
  • Be able to safely yield
  • Make safe left hand turns

Just because things change, older adults don’t need to stop an activity, they just need to modify it. Older adults can take actions to adapt to the changing driving environment.  Here are some tips to help with that!

  • Exercise to maintain good reaction time and maintain physical flexibility, especially in the neck and trunk
  • Avoid distractions such as radios, cell phones
  • Be mindful of medication side affects
  • Choose times of lower traffic when running errands
  • Choose routes that have lights because it allows for a more protected turn

Please review the AAA Senior Driver website with your clients.  It has some great information about how to adapt driving as we age.

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